8th International Conference on Design & Emotion

pres copyThe conference theme is “Out of Control” hosted by the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (CSM)

For a number of years, uncertainty, crisis and chaos have been keywords describing the experience of many of us. A world driven by uncertainty, crisis and chaos demands different responses from design (as a community, a practice and a process). On one hand we can mitigate against these designing systems which can withstand, or manage, the challenges they produce. Here there is a focus upon design as a “problem-solving” activity. On the other, we can use them as springboards to a creative future. In this way, design as “opportunity mapping” becomes important.
Accepting this opportunity we presented our latest work on aesthetic experiepnce and design entitled Reducing Uncertainty in the Design Process: the Role of Aesthetics” . Providing an explanation for the general role of aesthetics in interaction, we suggested that aesthetics through their emotional dimension (aesthetic emotions) are implicitly associated with the design process by inducing the reduction of design-uncertainty. From our perspective aesthetics are about action. They are a fundamental aspect of design that enhances the communication between the design-participants by promoting the achievements of goals in the design process.

Great conference, great atmosphere, great people.

Many thanks to the amazing organizers/ host.