Modelling Aesthetic Judgment: An Interactive-semiotic Perspective

chkI’m very pleased to announce a new publication on Cybernetics & Human Knowing entitled: Modelling Aesthetic Judgment: An Interactive-semiotic Perspective with co-authors Arnellos Argyris,  Spyrou Thomas & Darzentas John.

Aesthetic experience, as a cognitive activity is a fundamental part of the interaction process in which an agent attempts to interpret his/her environment in order to support the fundamental process of decision making. Proposing a four-level interactive model, we underline and indicate the functions that provide the operations of aesthetic experience and, by extension, of aesthetic judgment. Particularly in this paper, we suggest an integration of the fundamental Peircean semiotic parameters and their related levels of semiotic organization with the proposed model. Our aim is to provide a further theoretical understanding with respect to the perception of aesthetics and to enrich our models regarding the functionality of aesthetic interpretation, using the theoretical interpretive richness provided by the semiotic perspective.

Xenakis I., Arnellos A.Spyrou T. & Darzentas J.(2012). Modelling Aesthetic Judgment: An Interactive-semiotic Perspective. Cybernetics & Human Knowing, 19(3), 25–51