The relation between interaction aesthetics and affordances

ds2I’m very pleased to announce a new publication on Design Studies entitled: The relation between interaction aesthetics and affordances with my colleague Argyris Arnellos

Abstract: Even though aesthetics and affordances are two important factors based on which designers provide effective ways of interaction through their artifacts, there is no study or theoretical model that relates these two aspects of design. We suggest a theoretical explanation that relates the underlying functionality of aesthetics, in particular, of interaction aesthetics and of affordances in the design process. Our claim is that interaction aesthetics are one among other factors that allow users to enhance the detection of action possibilities and consequently, the detection of affordances. Our aim is first to discuss the role of interaction aesthetics in the design process, and second to suggest an explanation for their role in the detection of affordances when users interact with artifacts.

Xenakis I. & Arnellos A ., (2012) The relation between interaction aesthetics and affordances. Design Studies, (in press), doi: 10.1016/j.destud.2012.05.004